Professional Business  Email

Focus on your core business's growth. Let us manage your email solutions to keep you connected and moving forward. Get all the features you need at a price that fits your budget.

What is BELxpress?

BELxpress (pronounced 'bel-X-press') is an affordable and reliable professional business email solution. A humble beginning and now a regionally fast-growing EaaS (Email-as-a-Service).

Rock-solid technical support

From initial planning to your daily operation, our email specialist will get your job done the right way. We guarantee that you will always be attended to by a specialist, and there will be no answering machine or auto-reply bot.

Not just cheaper, but better

Pay as you go, choose either unlimited email accounts or unlimited storage. No bundle, no hidden costs.

Free DNS hosting and migration plan

Hassle-free DNS migration and hosting. Our specialist is here to help. Contact us for email migration advice and planning. 



Full-featured calendars. Send and receive the invitation, set a reminder...

Address book

Contact lists and groups. Contacts will be auto-collected upon sending.


Set your auto-reply message when you're on vacation.

Mailing list

Unlimited mailing list ( alias or mail group) for better privacy and conveniences.


Before reaching your Inbox, every incoming mail will be scanned by the anti-virus, including attachments.

Spam Control

Individual spam control. Add rules, whitelist, blacklist, spam score, etc. Enterprise-grade anti-spam can be added easily.

Secure connection

Come with an SSL certificate. Support SSL/TLS secure connection on sending and receiving mails.

 Message highlight

You may label or highlight certain incoming mail with color.

Mail Filtering (advanced)

Create your own mail filtering rules. Auto-forward, redirecting, or moving...


You may create multiple identities for one email account.


We provide a super-intuitive and hassle-free email account management tools for the administrator.


Sync your email with your tablets and smartphones with ease. And many more...

Mail forwarding

Unlimited mail forwarding. No hidden costs, no throttle.

Powerful Web-Mail

We provide very intuitive, feature-rich and powerful web-mail. No set up needed!


Built-in anti-spoofing email security out of the box. Do not intimidate yourself with those obscure words; we made this a breeze. 



You purchase only the essentials you need; there are no hidden costs or lock-ins. Simplify your business email management and save money to invest in your business...

Excellent Service, Friendly Support

We are here to support you like a good neighbour. Please do not hesitate to contact us. From initial planning to your daily operation, our email specialist will get your job done the right way. Don't take our word for it; try it now.


Designed For Business Email

Get a geographical advantage today!! The only email hosting service that allows you to select your hosting location is made for you! Save time and money by choosing a region that is near your location (11 regions). **only available with the Unlimited Mailbox plan  

Free yourself from "free email"

NO tracking, NO ads, NO lock-in, NO over-quota

Email is your customer's first impression. Create your online identity with an email like "". Free email companies use your data as a way to get rich. Reclaim control and get your email privacy back. With BELxpress email, you get full control of your email data. 

BELxpress Email

Email For You

Your business never stops, and email has to be accessible from anywhere at any time. With BELxpress Email, you can access your email in a web browser, on mobile devices, and on desktop apps (Outlook, Thunderbird, Mac Mail, Mailbird, Postbox, etc.). Get cost-effective today!

Choose your plan

Choose your plan based on your needs. If you need plenty of email accounts, go for the unlimited mailbox plan for cost effectiveness. If you need hassle-free email services, go for unlimited storage.

Unlimited Storage
  • Up to 1 Gbps bandwidth speed
  • Includes all features listed above
  • No more over-quota
  • 24 hours retention backup
  • 3-tier SSD storage redundancy

Unlimited Mailbox

If your case needs hundreds or thousands of email accounts (mailboxes), this plan is for you. Our dedicated plans come with various options and allow customization upon request, even choosing your favourite region.

Get started now!

You can’t afford to take chances with unreliable solutions (such as a free email bundle with web hosting). You also can’t afford the endless headaches like downtime, spam, viruses, and high IT costs. Contact us and let one of our email specialists assist you. You focus on your business; we manage your email application. Fill out the form below to get started.

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